Astrology, Horoscope

Horoscope is made according to precise rules that prescribe astrology. Word horoscope and astrology ancient origin and are marked terms and the time and space beyond the heyday of civilization in ancient Greece. The known history of human society is nothing similar, so widespread, ranging from ancient Mesopotamia, ancient Egypt, ancient Greece and the Roman Empire, through the great civilizations of South America, the millennial history of China, Japan and countless other cultures, sometimes as the only trace of his existence, archaeologists have left some artifact related to astrology. From this day and backward, reaching as far as our knowledge, the material evidence shows that the astrological knowledge of many different people, often separated by vast distances of time and space, no doubt based on the same fundamental thesis.

In our time, it is almost impossible to find a person who has not formed his own opinion on the value of astrology and your humble author has not the slightest pretensions to change anyone's views on this, but this is the right place to mention some indisputable facts.

The subject of astrology is the action of celestial bodies. Physical manifestations of activity of planets and stars are undeniable, and it's easy to find countless obvious examples of this, but astrology is concerned with less obvious actions and that is probably the reason for much skepticism related to it. And as our senses give us clear information on solar heat and light incoming from the infinitely distant stars while the tide is experienced as quite ordinary things, modern conventional science provides evidence that we are able to consciously perceive only a small part of action stemming from our the solar system, the constellations of our galaxy and the depths of space to the eternal echo of the explosion and the birthplace of the universe, while most of these operations do not notice, just because our senses are not adapted to it.

But what we are not aware of something does not prove that it does not exist, especially if there are numerous consequential evidence for the opposite view. It is well known variety of living things that have senses that allow them to among other things, to detect gravitational, magnetic or electric field. If birds, fish, shellfish or any other living being, feeling of cosmic impacts can obtain useful information, it is likely that he's capable man.

Modern physics has so far detected hundreds of subatomic particles, and their list is routinely expanded, updated and published every six months. Even among highly educated and well-informed people will find hard to understand these issues. And when there is no relevant information, even processes that naturally occur over millions of years, and in full accordance with the views of the natural sciences can take on the appearance of something wonderful and amazing. Our sun constantly emits particles called neutrinos, which are able to travel at the speed of light years through lead, and without being stopped. Feel the chills to think through your body, spring break-neck speed of a particle, while not encountering any resistance so much has to overcome the winter wind blowing through the trees with fallen leaves. And not just during the day, but at night because as we and our entire planet completely transparent to these particles. And it's a very natural thing, one of many that we are not aware of. These are particles that are not of interest to astrology as a description suggests that their passing has no effect, but there are lots of particles and radiation, both known and those unknown, coming from celestial bodies, those closest, so of those furthest. In the constellation of Virgo a large group of galaxies have enormous physical mass. Radio astronomers have found that the corresponding gravitational effects, despite the vast distance seemed important at the speed of our entire Milky Way Galaxy.

There are examples of layered, but since we are talking only about the facts of conclusions is left to you. It is known that the child in the course of its development first began to distinguish red, and yellow. They were later joined by green and blue lot later. Purple children often begin to differ only about twelve years old. In biology, the rule by which the ontogeny of short and rapid recapitulation of phylogenesis, that is, the development of an individual's short and fast repetition development of biological species. Those who do not accept anything for granted, they checked and found that in the otherwise very extensive ancient Indian Vedas, there is no mention of blue or green. The Iliad is no point not mentioned blue, while Homer says that the rainbow is red. The text of the Bible Sky is mentioned more than 450 times, but no one says no to him that is blue. In all classical art is not mentioned blue. Biology says that since then nothing much has changed in the structure and capabilities of the human eye and the physics, as measured by objective methods, nothing has changed in the wavelengths of light that we can see long, the sky and the sea, the same way they saw them first people. All modern languages ​​is now clear appoint at least two dozen different colors, and scientists who do this claim that we are able to distinguish up to several thousand.

Over the last thousands of years man has not substantively changed physically, but his views of the world are incredibly extended, which only shows that our present limitations may not be eternal, and the first step to their destruction and to overcome them is to become aware. Our subjective perception of the world is subject to almost incredible blunders, and therefore are prevented to realize directly. Despite this we remain open side roads, which, after all, in their own way, explore and recognized science, which progresses more difficult and are less reliable, but they lead us to the point inaccessible areas. If anyone wants to deny it all, it will not negate astrology but along with it the valid laws of nature.

 If action is not controversial in closest and most distant celestial objects, where is the dilemma? Exclusivity and extreme views, whether for, or against astrology was responsible for the improper passions in relation to the assessment of the discipline. Author's experience suggests that there are remarkably successful and less successful horoscopes, but horoscope done correctly never not completely wrong. Unfortunately there will always be a bad example to be able to take advantage of irresponsible and incompetent people who declare themselves astrologers and that their ignorance and unwillingness to studious work of trying to cover up with the mystification one of a highly organized and stable based systems such as astrology. Principles that rule in astrology must obey every astrologer in the same way that not all bodies obey the laws of their own movement, and awareness of reliable knowledge about future precise positions of celestial bodies is the only window that at this moment the future opens.

 Many very competent astrologers are ready, without any doubt and hesitation, to argue that, because of the amazing results they achieved, astrology is an exact science. However, it is wise to keep a certain reservation about it, because at first glance paradoxical claim that astrology can not become exact as long as the results are stunning. In any case, neither benevolent observer can deny that astrology is really a lot in common with the recognized sciences, especially with some of them and certainly did not deserve so much suspicion and disdain. In any case, the official verification of the value of astrology can not come from the astrologers themselves, but rather of the fiercest opponents of the discipline. Until then we'll be satisfied that we are dealing with empirical knowledge, supported by statistics, by which we arrive knowing mathematics and astronomy, and that, along with agriculture and seafaring, undoubtedly one of the oldest organized human activity. And the most hardened skeptics must show at least the required minimum of respect, and only time and the acquisition of new, now inaccessible and unknown knowledge can make a final judgment.

 The subject of astrology is not destiny and astrology reading of its basic principles is not recognized by a fatalistic principle. While all of us sail the river of time, no one among us has not entered the river to bathe, and so much left to stream, to no activity reached its mouth. The analogy applies to all of the eddies and whirlpools, and the thing is each one is to choose the best way to the minimum of fuss and with the minimum of adversity overcome. Whether you choose to hold the still waters, and by all means try to go upstream, or go across to cut the nut, in any case, you will benefit from some additional information. The worst-case approach is a priori rejection of everything that has to do with astrology. We can fully be aware of the limitations that carries such meteorology, but everyone knows it's better to take it twice a useless umbrella but once you get pneumonia for ignoring warnings that science is based on experience, statistics, mathematics, astronomy, physics and amazing patience, perseverance, methodical and systematic approach of many researchers over the centuries.

 There are many areas of astrology, a natal horoscope is made on the basis of the exact time and place of birth of a human being. The natal horoscope is the first, most general, and most comprehensive step in getting to know the astrological individual. As a result, the horoscope does not offer details, but at the same time no other analysis can move beyond the post natal horoscope. The existence of only these two simple inputs deprives horoscope every mystique and provides uniformity analysis procedure in different cases. If one is born in the same time at about the same place will be identical to your horoscope, but whatever the gap of fifteen minutes, changing some of the most important elements of the horoscope, there is little chance that even identical twins have exactly the same chart. Place of birth is usually easy to identify, but with time it has to be extremely careful, because he usually does not pay enough attention, and every minute of the beginning of the inevitable errors in marking the quality of the final results.

In astrology believes that the most vulnerable are the astrological influences in the first moments after birth, as we were most helpless, and we do not have self-defense mechanisms, and adaptation to the environment. The seal is stamped in the first minutes we carry a lifetime, and although the effects of celestial bodies on and later it is necessary to combine these effects with the natal horoscope.

Astrology - Time and Space

Modern genetics, more recently, has mastered the skills that allow the interpretation of the genetic code reconstruct roads and the pace of the great migrations of the human species. Patient monitoring traces recorded in human genes researchers arrived to the place from which the human race is out to conquer the world.

Today, when people live in the most inhospitable terrain, it is difficult to imagine our planet inhabited by a relatively small human population is concentrated in a limited area somewhere in East Africa. There was, once upon a time, all began. Carrying everywhere with him a unique resource, a genetic record that defines us as members of the human race, brave travelers have won generations, always new and different habitats.

Genetic record originated from a single source in the heavily describes a unique structure. What has produced the incredible diversity of human beings as we know, are the time and space in which we are born and in which we spend our lives.

It is clear that different individuals were born to live their lives in different historical (or prehistoric) periods. It is clear that it is not just to live near the Equator, or somewhere near the Earth's poles. Different people live near the ocean, and the difference in the high mountains. All this leaves the most obvious clues, and today it is relatively easy we can make the inhabitants of different continents, and is often based on obvious external features can successfully determine a more detailed geographic definition of one's origin, despite the fact that we are all built on a common genetic basis of identical molds.

Over time, mankind has found a way that this fact, along with many others, translate into useful knowledge.